VLIR Open Water Network

Global Open Water Academic Network: Joint Research and Education on Open Source Software for Integrated Water Resources Management 


Group Picture- Open Water Network Symposium- Arusha Tanzanian, March14, 2019 

Global Open Water Academic Network aims at promoting Joint Research, Development and Education on Open Source software and Open Access data for Integrated Water Resources Management. Integrated modelling tools have becoming important tools for water resources management, but their use has been limited due to costly licences and lack of data, especially in developing countries. Through this project we aim at tackling this issue by providing e-Training modules, eLearning courses, access to data (and data storage) and to OS software as well as to computer infrastructures.  


Specific objectives: 

  • Engaging the private sector in Open Water initiatives;
  • Raising awareness at the global level to stimulate the use of Free Open Source Software (FOSS);
  • Supporting the OpenWater Community Development Network (CDN) and connecting resources to the people who need them (e.g social media);
  • To develop E-learning platform as a repository of Open Educational Resources on water resource
- Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
- KU Leuven, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
- Sokoine university of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania
- University of Dar Es Salaam, College of Engineering and Technology
- Universidad de Cuenca, PROMAS.
- Escuela Politécnica Nacional | EPN · Departamento de Ingeniería Civil Ambiental

Funding: €135,116.00 

Contacts: Prof. Ann van Griensven (ann.van.griensven@vub.be

                  Dr.  Zainab Zomlot (zzomlot@vub.be) 

Duration: January 2019 till December 2021